"I like the combination of the short words focusing on one vowel sound and the sight words in the story. It’s going to help my little girl when she starts kindergarten next year. She also loved the game."


"The best part of the Storybook Game Sets is that they build on each other. Kids remember the words that they learned in the first set because they are repeated in all of the subsequent sets. And the stories are super simple for beginning readers so they can really learn a few words very well."


"This is a great set to help kids learn to read. The game really helps familiarize them with the words so they pick up on the story quickly."


-Mom's Best Literary Gold Award for "A Pal"

"I was amazed to see my son who just turned four reading the words. He was so proud of himself whenever he got a match and loved being able to say what was on the card."

"The repetition between the card game and the story is great. My little one always wants to hear the same story over and over again until he’s able to repeat it from memory. Because of the cards, I think he actually recognizes the words instead of just memorizing."

"The card game is a lot of fun to play, it kept my daughter interested. She was excited to see the same words in the story as were on the cards. We had fun and I think she learned a lot."


-Mom's Best Literary Gold Award for "It"

"Thank You for making the Learn to Read Game set. I thought you would like to hear that my 4 year old played the card game with me three times and then "magic" happened and she read the entire book! I am so proud, excited and amazed! I had to find you and personally thank you. I borrowed the set from our library. I saw it displayed and I remembered I read somewhere about it and took it home. Thankful I did. Thank you! If only I could bottle up my daughters expression and excitement when she read the first page and then the whole book... I will be telling all my friends about your set!"


-Carrie from NJ


"We brought our Storybook Game Sets back to Switzerland and finally opened them last night. We didn't get to the story yet because Alex wanted to play the card game over and over again! He loved that he was learning more words each time we played and got so excited when he got the wild cards. He also loves calculating the points he gets from wild card and regular pairs. We look forward to lots more fun. Really well done!"


-Emily from Switzerland


"My son absolutely loves "Play Together, Read Together's" game and book set. The game offers him a challenge and a little competition while teaching him how to sound out the key words of the story. The word repetition in the games sets him up for complete success when it comes time to read the storybook. After he reads the book, he is so proud of himself and wants to play it again. This series is a home run for any preschooler who is interested in learning to read. It is a confidence booster and fuels the love to read."


-Susan from New Jersey


"This is a wonderful and fun game to teach your little ones how to read.  Matthew has been learning with no stress because it's fun!"


-Kelly from New York


"Thanks Play Together Read Together! Joe loves learning to read with your books and games!  So while I was making dinner tonight......he came to the kitchen, grabbed his book and sat down all alone to practice reading the words he learned today!"


-Kelly from New Jersey