Play the game.

     Read the book!






Storybook Game Sets relieve stress and self motivate children to read in two easy steps:


         1 - Playing a card game

         2 - Reading/Listening to a story


Each set introduces a new game and a new vowel sound, while building on the words from the previous stories.


The card games can be played right away, and children learn the words the more they play the game.


Soon, your child will become so familiar with the words, that he/she will do the reading!

Storybook Game Sets (Click Icon for more details)

Level 1-1 Short a

A Pal

Level 1-2 Short i


Level 1-5 Short e


Level 1-3 Short o


Level 1-4 Short u

The Tub

Level 1 Storybook Game Sets - 5pk